Benefits and Procedure




  • The right to participate in all our events, programs, projects, meetings and initiatives organized by:
  • FBN-Bulgaria
  • FBN-International
  • European Family Businesses
  • Members program– preferential terms for goods and services offered by and for our community members.
  • You get the opportunity to present your company and your family history to all the members of the Association.
  • The right to share with all our members information about new products, services and opportunities offered by your family business with the help of the Association’s team.
  • Individual family and company profile in the Association’s website.



  • Individual profile in an international online platform for exchange of information and contacts – FBN Xchange.
  • Regular informational bulletin for important news and events of the national and international organizations, invitations and information from members and partners.
  • By joining the community all members of your family are welcome to FBN-Bulgaria
  • The members aged 18-40 have the right to join the youth structure – Next Generation.
  • Possiilities to host visits – you can invite us to visit your enterprise, hotel, factory or home.

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Criteria for membership

The members of the association are legal entities that answer the following minimum requirements:

  • 50% of the capital or the property must be owned by the family (or 25% if the association is public)
  • 2 members of the family must work in the company
  • The business must have an annual turnover or asset value of 5 000 000 BGN
  • The business must have at least 5 years of good financial history
  • The association’s business must be well-respected and with good reputation
  • The owners must perceive the company as a family business
  • You must be recommended by at least 1 member of the association

Applying for membership

The steps to apply are:

  • You must be recommended by a member of the association.
  • You must fill in a declaration and an application form addressed to the Association’s Management Board (on the name of the legal entity on whose behalf have chosen to participate).
  • You must fill in a questionnaire with additional information about your business and family (your data will be used only for the goals of the association and will not be shared with third parties).
  • The Management Board votes on approving your application.

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